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In these surfing games for kids you will have to make as many stunts as you can to make a high score. Be careful when you land down on the wave to gain the points for that trick. Ride the waves at these surfing games for kids and press the space bar key if you want to gain a speed boost. This way your surfer will gain an extra speed so you can perform more stunts during a single round.

Avoid the obstacles at these surfing games for kids, and land correctly on the wave and try to keep you balance on the surf board so that you don’t fall from it. Use your arrow keys to control your surfer during the game and use also the space bar key to perform faster the tricks. While you are in the air use your arrow keys to turn your surfer and to make the stunts. You can’t do them while you are on the waves. You have to jump first of the wave and while you are into the air you can do the tricks. Also pay attention to the big wave that is chasing you. If that wave catches you, you will fall off your surf board. Also if you are good enough stay under that wave and jump over it to double your points.

You can choose to make these surfing games for kids more interactive if you play against your friends in the multiplayer mode. This way the game becomes more challenging and more interesting. You will have to compete against one of your friends to make more points than he or shedoes to beat him or her. When the game ends you will see your final score. You can submit this score to our worldwide list of surfing games.

These world surfing games are a good way to learn how to surf. Surfs Up will give you the satisfaction of a real surfing game. At these surfing games for kids you will have to make the needed points to complete the current level and unlock the next one. Enjoy!