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Fun Surfing


At these free online surfing games you will have to avoid the obstacles that are in your way and to pick some buoys to earn some points. Each buoy that you have picked will add 200 points to your score. But be careful because if you miss a buoy your score will decrease with 150 points.

Use your arrow keys and your space bar key to jump over the obstacles at these free online surfing games. Also you can choose to press the n key if you want to move to the left on the sea waves and press the m key to move to the right on the sea waves. By hitting an obstacle your score will also decrease with 50 points. You will have 60 seconds to avoid as many obstacles as you can and to pick as many buoys to make a high score before you reach the shore. At the end of the game you can see your final score at these free online surfing games.

You can choose to play these free online surfing games also in a multiplayer mode against your friends. This way the game will be more interactive as you know it playing against the computer. Make more points than your friend to give him a surf lesson at these amazing games. Try to keep your balance on the surf board so that you to don’t fall into the water. Also in the multiplayer mode a shark will chase both of you, so the game will become harder than it was in the single player mode.

Submit your score at the end of the game if you think that your score is higher enough to the surfers list of fame. Also practice some rounds if you want to beat your opponents much easier.

Fun Surfing is one of hundreds of cool surfing games that exist on our site. Choose any type of these free online surfing games and play them whenever you’d like and your time permits you to do this, and you will see that in the shortest time you be a pro surfer.