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In these cool surfing games you will have to do as many tricks as you can to gain lots of points to make a high score. You will have to use your keyboard to perform those stunts. Avoid getting hit by the big wave that is chasing you and land correctly to gain the points for those tricks.

At these cool surfing games you will have to surf the waves and pull of cool tricks and avoid the nastiest, especially those big fish. Use the left and right arrow keys to control your surfer, and use your space bar key to turn over quicker. Score points at these cool surfing games by jumping higher enough on the waves and by spinning into the air. Remember to land pointing down the wave or you will be wiped out and the points earned are subtracted from your score.

If you can jump very close to the edge of the pipe, then you can score heaps more points, get too close and splash! The wipe outs lose you points and the seagulls and buoys will send you tumbling. Hit the shark and you will end up as dinner while playing these cool surfing games.

You can chose to play these cool surfing games even in a multiplayer mode. This way you and your friends can play on the same time this game. You goal remain the same. Gain more points than your friend does to win the surfing challenge. You will play this game on turns. First you will race on the waves and make a score and then your friend will try to beat your score. This cannot happen if you will practice some rounds before you challenge your friend at these cool surfing games.

Play these cool surfing games anytime you want, and choose to play the simplest surfing game by playing Jack Johnson game. There are other types of surfing games for kids on our site that you can play. You will find these games interactive and funny. Enjoy playing these games on our site, and fill your free time with them.