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Surf Game


In these online surfing games you will need to control you surfer with your keyboard, and avoid the obstacles. You will win points at these online surfing games by avoiding as many obstacles as you can.

Become a Legend of Surf by mastering the skills needed to complete each level. All you have to do is to stay on the board until the end of each wave. Sounds simple? It is … except for the obstacles in your way and the chasing wave coming ever closer… At these online surfing games you will need to use your right and left arrow keys to rotate your surfer clockwise or counterclockwise.

You can score points at these online surfing games and pick up a speed boost by jumping of the wave. If you have enough air jump you can even pull off a 360 rotation – or more – for big points and even more speed. To jump correctly you will have to learn how to land. The board must be pointing forward and down.

Also there are some things that you can pick with your surf board that can help you during the game. There are some power ups that you can pick and they will give you a speed boost. Bonus points can give you an extra 100 points. Those points are some yellow stars. Also you can pick some pink hearts that will give you an extra life.

Obstacles come in all shapes and sizes, from small buoys to huge rocks, even ocean liners. You can weave around the object floating on the wave but beware, you may need to take some serious turns to avoid to take on those big units! Stay out of the foam at the bottom of the wave. Your surfer can only stay on the board there for a limited time.

Surf Game is the best decision if you want to play some surfing games online and to learn something. At all of these online surfing games you will need to make the highest score if you want to be the best surfer in the world.