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Supa Badminton


 You can play against your computer on this free online badminton game. This type of badminton it seems to be like tennis but it isn’t. You will start the game by pressing the Start button, and then you will see the instructions on how to play the game. You have to move with your keyboard arrows, and your action buttons will be: z, x , or c. Each button will control the direction of the shuttle. Like in each free online badminton game, the first shot will be yours. In this one, the game will actually starts, by pressing the 'z' or the 'x' button, then you will have to face your opponent.

In this free online badminton there are various types of playing badminton, and in this one you can play only against the computer. To beat the computer you will have to reach at 21 points. For each point that you’ll win, you will receive the ball to start again. For an easier way to play, you will have to try to combine the three actions buttons to put your opponent in a difficult situation. Try to combine the long shot by pressing ‘z’ button, with your short shot by pressing the ‘x’ button, or your smash shot by pressing the ‘c’ button, to win a valuable point. You don’t have a chance to win the game if you play with only one action button at a time, because the computer will definitely win that point. So you definitely need to combine all your keyboard actions to beat the computer.

To play free online badminton games you will need to have the instinct of a tiger to catch each ball, or at least to try to catch it. Supa Badminton provides you the opportunity to be the best player at this game, by practicing every time you’d like. For more badminton games to play please visit our site, and there you can choose your badminton game in different themes. Free online badminton is the easiest way to practice, and Supa Badminton is the easiest game in his class.