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Badminton Arena


This badminton game for kids is really easy to play because you will have some hints to see where the ball will fall. One of the hints is the shadow of the ball. You can follow the shadow to see where the badminton ball will be at the next position. Try to move your player using the arrows and use this hint to catch the ball, and then try to hit your badminton ball with your action key, which is 'x.'

When the game starts you will see an arena, and in the middle of the playground a badminton ball is ready to be played. You can start the game by pressing that ball. This is one of the most favorite badminton games for kids, and you will definitely enjoy it. Once you have started the game, your player will be the character with the blue T-shirt and your opponent will be with the yellow T-shirt. You will find interesting and that every time you win or lose a point you will hear a funny sound. Try to cover up the entire playground and hit the badminton ball with your action keys. There are three action keys for this game, and each one is different, because using them you can hit the ball in different ways. The Z key will hit your ball with a long shot, the X key will hit the ball with a short shot, and the last one, the C key will smash down the badminton ball. Don't be lazy and try to combine those keys if you want to win a point and why not the game. The game will stop when you reach 21 points. There are no draws in this game and once you start to play it you will have to do this job till the final, and try to be the best by playing this badminton game for kids.

Play Badminton Arena in one of the most beautiful games for kids. You can also play free online badminton games if you get bored by this one, and try to win all the badminton games for kids. We hope that Badminton Arena impressed you, because it certainly impressed us.