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Star Badminton


You think you have seen all kinds of free badminton games? You are wrong! Play against the stars in one of the best free badminton games on the internet. Star Badminton is one of the hundreds of free badminton games which you can play in your leisure time. This badminton game is really funny because you have to play with a star. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, try to beat me at the net! This specific game is played by the rules of a normal badminton game. When you have decided to start the game, the only thing you need to do is to press the Start Button and the game will immediately start.

You will see on the screen a little description on how to play the game and which are your action buttons. Use the arrows keys to move the player and try to control the direction of the badminton ball by pressing the action keys: Z, X, and C. Your player will be the yellow star and the computer will have the purple star. Each key hits the ball differently, and every hit of the badminton ball can give you one point. You will win this badminton ball when you reach 21 points. Do not think that if you play against a star, she will be gentle with you. It is a trick, and you have to stay firm and attentive during the game. Try to keep a reasonable distance between the net and you because the computer will give you a variety of shots and this could put you in very difficult situations. Free badminton games are a easy way to relax whenever you like. In the right corner you have the settings button where you can stop or reduce the volume of the game if this is annoying you. Also if you want you can play free badminton games on full screen by pressing the button ON. At the end of the game you will see that you've reached a score. That score is the result of your game.

Try to improve your score on free badminton games by playing another round and don’t forget to submit your score or even share it. There are more online badminton games for kids that you can play for free on our site.