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Badminton French


Try to relax during a badminton game by playing online badminton games on our site, and try this new version of badminton, the French one. The rules are a little bit different from the standard rules of badminton. The first difference is the score. To win a game you have to reach at...the game doesn't end. Now let us explain how you will really play it. Once you decide to play online badminton by choosing French Badminton, you will see that the language for this game is French. 

You will have to press „Nouvele partie” to start the game. After that you will see a badminton playground and in the back of the field you will see a score table where the score will be displayed during the game. Your player is the one from the left, and the computer has the player from the right. You will serve the ball by pressing the X button, and this button is your action button for the entire game. Also you can jump by pressing Z and in combination with X you will have a smash down. This kind of shot is probably the best in this game. In this online badminton game to win a game point you need to have the possession of the ball and to win two points in a raw. However if the computer will win a game ball, don't worry because he doesn't have a point yet. He, like you has to win three in a raw to have a game point: the first one for the possession and the second two for the game point. By playing online badminton you will see that in time you will develop an addiction for this game because it is a really nice way to spend your time.

As a final tip while playing online badminton, try to move as close as possible to the net, jump and hit the ball for a smash down to win as many points as you can. We hope that this online badminton game will give you the satisfaction of a real interesting badminton game. If you like other real sensations you can play more free badminton games.