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Sumo Snow Man


This year, on Christmas Eve, get ready to boast with the biggest snow man in your neighborhood, the biggest one in town! The key is to play sumo games online, the sumo snow man, to be more specific, and help your snowball grow bigger and bigger and bigger eating all the right snow bullies, avoiding the wrong ones, till it grows into the most imposing sumo snow man you've ever seen.

Your snow ball sure looks hungry! Feed it with all the snow bullies that are smaller than it or of the same size, using your mouse for guiding it. Mind you don't make him eat snowballs twice his size, that won't get him anywhere close to becoming the sumo snow man that you'll like to show off to your friend with! Did you use to play sumo games any time you had some spare time? Well, this sumo game definitely stands apart from all the other 2 player sumo games that you can find online, so get ready to get surprised and challenged with some new type of tasks and another type of on screen player to control. Guide your snow ball on the fluffy snow, help it make the right decisions when it comes to snow bullies consuming, and by the end of the game it will grow into a heavy sumo snow man! 

Go ahead, play sumo games on our website, picking out of the wide collection we set at your disposal and get ready to have the best time online!