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Sumo Sushi Soccer


Mix unexpected fun elements with challenging soccer playing tasks to fulfill and you get the3 sumo sushi soccer game. Your sumo fighter might be shining on the sumo mat , but does he steal the spotlights as a soccer player, too? Well, there's only one way to find out: playing one of the funniest, engaging 2 player sumo games available on the internet

Your team mate here will bring in his imposing weight, and you'll bring your skills at clicking the right keys on your keyboard, at the right time, so that your on-screen sumo fighter should shoot as many goals a possible into the opponent sumo fighter's football net. Have you played 2 player sumo games before, do you usually play sumo games on your PC? If the answer is affirmative, then the sumo sushi soccer game will definitely become the top game on your favorites list. If the answer is negative, then you'll soon grow addictive of this specific game, representative for that category, and more and more curious to try other 2 player sumo games, too, available over the internet.

Use your arrow keys like a pro' to help your player move left and right, grab the ball, then give another click on your spacebar, too, to help him jump and send as many sushi rolls (used as footballs) into his opponent's net as possible. You'll surely make a one of a kind type of soccer team, you two!