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Sumo Slam


If you choose to play online sumo games you will prove your skills at these types of games. Sumo Slam can give you the satisfaction of e real sumo game. Play online sumo games and choose to play this one with your keyboard. Use your arrow keys to control your player and try to get your opponents out of the ring.

Play online sumo games and follow these instructions if you want to win the game. Control your character and attempt to bump the other players out of the playing circle in 3 different exciting game playing modes. The journey mode: travel trough “Sumo Land” and try to place you first on every level. By winning a level you will unlock the next level, and this way you will compete also in the next round. The multiplayer mode: you can challenge even 3 friends of yours to play online sumo games. This way you and your friends can compete in the same game at the same time to see who is better at these games. And the last one “The endurance mode”. While playing this mode you will have to defeat as many sumo players as you can before the time expires.

After you decide to start the game you will have to choose your arena for the next battle. A game has 5 rounds and you will need to win at least 3 rounds to unlock the next level. You don’t have to win those 3 rounds in a raw. Take your time and pay attention to your opponents and who knows, maybe you will be able to do this on your first attempt. Also don’t be afraid if you can’t do it for the first time. Practice some rounds and you will see that everything will go according to the plan.

Sumo Slam is a great type of yukozuna sumo games. You can play online sumo games on our site anytime you would like or just to practice some of these amazing games. Enjoy playing on our site and don’t forget to subscribe.