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At these Yukozuna sumo games you will have to send your sumo player on a specific place on a football field.

You will have to use your mouse to do this move. Click and let the left mouse button to drag and to send your sumo player in the direction that you want. If your opponent is behind you drag your sumo as further he will go on the field. You will have at these Yukozuna sumo games 11 sumo players to send at 11 checkpoints. Each checkpoint is located a different position on the field. For each sumo player that you will manage to throw him outside the game will give you different points.

You will receive points at these Yukozuna sumo games by placing the sumo players in the correct place and also you will receive some extra points for the bouncing of the sumo players. As much bouncing your player manages as better your score will be. Also you will receive some extra points for your sumo players precision. If you manage to put your sumo player on the red zone you will receive the maximum points for that shot, 1000 points. Your maximum score can be 11000 points, but don’t be afraid if you are not able to do this at your first attempt.

Practice some rounds to be able to gain the maximum score, and then submit it to our site to prove us and you who the best at these Yukozuna sumo games is. Challenge your friends to play this game to see who can make the highest score, and by doing this you will definitely gain their respect.

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