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Penguin Volleyball


At these volleyball games for kids your goal is to send as many balls as you can over the net and to score as many points as you can. You can choose at the start of these volleyball games for kids the math mode.

You can choose between 1 set, 3 sets and 5 sets. Every set has 7 points. Also you can choose the match level. You can choose between easy, medium or hard. And finally you can choose at these amazing volleyball games the way you will control your player, either with your mouse either with your keyboard.

If you choose to play this game using the mouse you will have to move your mouse side to side over the screen to put your penguin under the ball and then click on your left mouse button to hit the ball. Try to avoid hitting the ball 4 times in a raw because this way you will lose a point. To win a point you will have to have first the possession of the ball, after that you will have to win another ball to win a point.

Also if you choose to play this game using the keyboard you will have to use your arrow keys to control your penguin. To hit the ball you will have to press the up arrow key to jump and hit the ball. The rules are the same even if you choose to play this game with your keyboard. So what are you waiting for? Press those keys and destroy your opponents. Improve your skills at these amazing games and beat all your opponents to be able to make the highest score that was ever made. If you make that score don’t be shy to subscribe it to our site and prove us that you are the best player at these games.

Penguin Volleyball is a free volleyball game and you can choose to play it every time you want on our site. Enjoy playing these volleyball games for kids while you are at the work or even at home.