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To play these volleyball games online you will have to send the ball to your opponent with the head, and to avoid letting the returned ball to fall down into your playground field. You can choose at the start of the game a player from a country that you prefer. Use your keyboard to play these volleyball games online to control your player to hit the ball.

Put your best fingers into action and head the balls into the back of the net. Use the left and the right arrow keys to position your player under the ball, and bounce it off with your bounce hit to the back of the oppositions net! Only by doing this you can win some points at these volleyball games online.

When you start the game you will have to write down your name into the specific box and select your player between those 16 countries. After that you can see the group games, and who will be your opponents.

A round has maximum 5 points. The player who reached first at 3 points will win that round. As a hint try to move as faster as you can on the field to send chaotically balls into your opponent field to win much easier a point. After you manage to gain 3 points in a row you will unlock the next round. To win the game you will have to win 6 rounds in a raw. If you will lose a round, unfortunately you will lose the game and you will have to try to win again all of these 6 rounds to complete the game.

However submit your high score and prove us that you are the best header at these volleyball games online. Euro header is a funny and a simple online volleyball game. Play anytime you want these amazing games only on our site and enjoy them. Practice some rounds and you will definitely improve your skills at these marvelous games. Challenge your friends at these games to see who the best header is and which of you is more talented at these games.