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World Cup Headers


This complex world cup game welcomes you to an inte4rnational challenge, where you will first need to choose your group-teams and then start the competition facing two rival teams. Learn how to play volleyball games just by participating in this fun competition among your favorite teams.

Use your arrows to move around and search for the best angles to catch and release the ball in the opponent's court.

You can choose between one or two players to include in your sessions of fun volleyball games and then start the competition to become the ultimate winner. If you like, you can play by yourself, against the computer, since your talent will definitely shine through, no matter how the machine will try to beat you, right? If you know how to play volleyball games in real life, this game will be even easier, since you can include your already-learned techniques.

So have fun, enjoy the world cup headers game and stay in the game for as long as possible. The quarters, semifinals and the big final match will be there in no time and you'll find yourself having fun as you play volleyball games all day long! Enjoy!