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Martial arts are great and playing online kickboxing games and karate games is even better. No sore head, no bruises – just a little fun time. Kumite is a cool fighting game that gives the player quite a complex gameplay and it is, in our opinion, one of the most spectacular online kickboxing games.

You walk back and forth by using the A and S keys on the keyboard. The arrow keys are used for jumping kicks (Up key), punching (Down key) and kicks with the Left and Right arrow keys. You control the white player and you face the red fighter. After each fight that you win you go on to the next level where the red fighter is more competitive. Just like other online kickboxing games and karate games, Kumite is based on position and selecting the right kind of strike.

While the graphics and animations are not impressive, this game still manages to be a lot of fun. We hope you enjoy and please test out our other games from this category or our very favorite Dragon Ball Z kickboxing games online.