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Hummer Rally Championship


Most people don't associate Hummers with all the new rallye games published online, but this game begs to differ. In Hummer Rally Championship you get to race on of the most notorious off road machines on the planet. You can choose from playing with a buddy on the same keyboard (always fun) or you can go solo and try the Grand Prix or Championship modes. No matter how you choose to play rallye games one thing is for sure – you'll develop your driving skills while having a blast online.

Almost all new rallye games come with some spectacular graphics and gameplay and Hummer Rally Championship does it very well too. The 3D look works great and the game is a lot of fun to play. Use the arrow keys to steer the car and SPACE to break. You can also pick the countries where you want to race first – start with New York and unlock different other countries.

The controls may be a bit awkward at first since the game is very fast and you need some slightly superhuman powers to keep track of the car and keep it on the road. But like in just about every title from the new rallye games we have online, Hummer Rally Championship is a game of practice and skill.

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