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Rally Kings


Rally Kings...What is rally? as a branch of motorsport, probably dates from the first Monte Carlo Rally of January 1911.A hundret years of intense driving,under pressure,a pressure that few can handle.Sharp turns,slippery roads,dirt ar just a few terms wich can describe a rally tournament.You and your navigator have to merge with the car that you are driving,you have to feel every inch of the machine so you can run the fastest lap as possible to win the race.

Rally is not a competition on a special track,here the track is made by nature,in every corner you have an obstacole,a tree, a river,bushes,so you have to be carefully ,because the last thing that you want is to roll over,or even get serously injured.

Rally Kings is a tournament around the world from the hot France ,to the mountains of New Zeeland and in the end to the snowy Sweden.So fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night!

The controls of the car, in order to play rally games ,are quit simple just use the arrow keys on your keyboard.Left/right to steer,up arrow to accelerate,and down key to brake.After every round you have to check you car for damages,because if you want to finish on first place your car sould be 100% befour beginnig a race.You can check you car stats at the repair option in your menu.Just click and rapair your,engine,brakes,tires and get ready for the next round.

The tournament is made of 9 rounds,3 round in every country,France,New Zeeland and Sweden,finish all the level on first place to be a Rally King.Enough with the talking,let's race!!!