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Moon Rally


Moon Rally is quite a fun moon truck racing game we really liked. And if you like to play rallye games I bet you'll like it too. The purpose of the game is very simple – you drive a moon off-road buggy and you have to clear each level as quickly as possible.

Based on the very popular titlty truck game engine, Moon Rally goes all black and white and manages to create a classic racing game. You control the car with the arrow keys – press the up arrow to accelerate and the down arrow to brake. If you're one of those guys who constantly play rallye games you'll probably find the forward and backward tilt arrows very intuitive. For everyone else: left arrow tilts the truck backward while the right arrow has the nose of the car pointing down.

The levels are not extremely difficult but in many of the later ones you will tumble over quite a few times before you manage to reach the finish point. However, once you get used to balancing the truck in mid-air you will be a pro at Moon Rally.

Once you've trained by driving on the moon please have a look at the other driving and racing games we host – so feel free to play rallye games or try some two wheel action in our bike and motorcycle-racingcross sections. Sport Games Arena is constantly being updated with new rally games and tilty truck games so please check back often.