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Retro Rally


Now is the time to introduce to you a new and very interesting game… if you are looking to play some retro rallye games online that means you are ready for what is to come! Are you ready for another kind of 3D rallye racing games

Now the time has come to meet one of the few retro rallye games online which you can play using the mouse instead of your keyboard. This may seam strange at first for those who are used to playing rallye games for PCs, but don’t you abandon because you will get used to it in no time… the fact that you will use the mouse while playing gives you a much more relaxing view upon the game. It gives you a little bit more freedom of movement and the opportunity to sit relaxed in your seat and just drive…

The whole thing goes like this: at the beginning you will see the race from somewhere up, this way you will have a better view on the road and you can thing in advance all the moves that you need to do. On your way you have to gather gasoline icons for the car to continue to run; unless you are attentive and gather some gasoline your car will surely stop; because no car can function without some propulsion! 

If you chose to play these retro rallye games online it means you already know the rules… but for those who just wanted to try something new and decided that playing some retro rallye games online is the perfect starting point for an adventure I will present the rules of the game! So, the object of this wonderful game is quite simple; you will have to complete two laps and finish on the first two places to move to the next level! Easy…

In order to control the car just move the mouse in front of it and the car will follow it. Don’t you forget about the gasoline icons… pick up as many as you can and you will experience what these retro rallye games online can offer you!