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Now it is the right time for you to check out one of the best online skiing games that you can find on the internet! Himalayaya is a game that will impress you with its complexity; you will be surprised that a free online small game cam be this interactive!

Set in a winter environment, when playing Himalayaya you will have the chance to see Big Foot in person; and not any kind of monster, but the funniest of them all. This monster is smart and it has a very important goal – to throw snowballs at the people skiing in its surroundings. But don’t forget… Big Foot does not have to be seen… so, beware of the professor, he is looking for proof that it exists…

These sort of online skiing games will give you a high level of entertainment from the simple fact that they are so funny… this is your only chance to make a feared monster do stupid things! You will surely have lots of laughs the whole time you will be playing!

So, to start with the beginning… Himalayaya is a complex game with complex rules that you need to respect to score high. First, you will see Big Foot exiting its cave… he will make a snowball which you will have to throw at the skiers using the space bar. After you hit one of the skiers press the ‘’down’’ arrow to get neat him and again to look for it in the snow. After all of this comes the funny part – Big Foot will kick it for points!

Get back on the cliff and start all over again! A very important thing when you play online skiing games is to remember what you have to run from…so, when you see the professor coming out of his tent run back in your cave! He is no allowed to see you! Isn’t this one of the funniest skiing games online?

Who wouldn’t like to play some rounds of Himalayaya?! It is your only chance to play such entertaining online skiing games and you don’t have to miss this opportunity! The only thing that I can still wish you is lots of fun playing!