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Trysil Twintip


In this amazing game you will have to make as much freestyle moves as you can to gain the highest score that was ever made. In these freestyle skiing games you will need to do all the tricks before the time runs out. Also by getting to the finish line in time you will retrieve an extra bonus for these amazing freestyle skiing games.

You will play this amazing game by using your arrow keys. These keys are your movement keys and in the same time your action keys. By using them you will move your player and you will do tricks while you will be in the air. By pressing the right or the left arrow key you will do flips and by pressing the up arrow key you will do some spinning. Be careful because in these freestyle skiing games you will have to land correctly to gain the points for your tricks because otherwise you will lose them if you fall down. Try to land sideways to slide on longs and rails. Otherwise try to land as straight as you can for the best possible score for your tricks. Pay attention because the combination of jumping and railing will give you an extra points for your final score.

Also during the game you will spend some time on the land. You will need to press the left or the right arrow keys to sky to the left or to the right and by pressing the up arrow key you will make a turn. Don’t forget to use the space bar key to gather power and release the space bar key to jump from the jumped track. While you will be in the air at this freestyle skiing games press the arrow keys to do the tricks and make the best high score on the world.

Trysil Twintip is the best freestyle skiing game on our site if you want to practice some of the Santa skiing games. Practice some rounds to become a pro at these games and impress your friends with your new skills at these freestyle skiing games.