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Happy Cristmass Sky Jump


It doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter I believe that everybody loves Christmas and for many of you it is your favorite holyday… so, to feel the Christmas mood all year long the only solution is to play some skiing games online that have as a main character Santa Claus in person!

Happy Cristmass Sky Jump is the kind of game which will bring the Christmas spirit in your heart and houses. It is a funny game where you have the opportunity to teach Santa how to ski jump and land perfectly. These skiing games online will surely bring back some nice memories, the smile on your lips and warmth in your souls…

Happy Cristmass Sky Jump is an easy game that concentrates not only on bringing to you a challenging game buy also on giving you a good time. These online skiing games are very easy to play; you only need to use the space bar to set Santa’s speed and direction. Be careful because he has to land on his feet and not fall. If he falls you will lose. 

You will have three chances to perform the perfect jump and I suggest you better take advantage of them. Besides landing right you also need to gather stars, because the many stars you collect the greater your score will be. And what is most important when playing skiing games online? Yeah…you are right… scoring as many points as you can!

So, are you ready to give Santa some skiing lessons? You will certainly feel the Christmas spirit invading your soul and also the pride of performing a perfect jump. Let’s see if you are a good teacher or not… Start hitting that space bar and try until you are doing it right! You won’t catch such an opportunity ever again.

Keep Happy Cristmass Sky Jump in mind for future desires and also recommend it to your friends, they will surely love it like I did. Playing skiing games online is the perfect way to spend some free time in the most entertaining way possible!