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New Grounds


Just imagine yourself on a snowy mountain side… with the sun warming up your face and the wind blowing through your hair… the shiny snow hurts your eyes… but the beauty of the scenario impresses your eyes… you are ready to slide down the mountain on your ski board and the eagerness is at high. The only chance for you to experience a part of these is to play some jet skiing games; and we even have the perfect game for you to try… it is called New Grounds and you will have the opportunity to slide down the snow like lightning… New Ground is one of the most entertaining jet skiing game that you can find, so, don’t loose the opportunity to try it right now! 

New Grounds is a very fun jet skiing game that can be played by everyone who is a fan of snow and especially skiing or snowboarding. If you like alpine skiing games and if you would like to feel a bit of the adventure and adrenalin that a ride down the mountain gives you, you will surely love New Grounds! This jet skiing game is very easy to play, you just have to be vigilant and duck or jump over the obstacles in due time.

The aim of New Grounds jet skiing game is to get to the finish in one piece. Before starting to play you can choose what level you consider it is right from you and then start the adventure. In order to control the character you have to use some keyboard keys… it is not so hard… just press the ‘’left’’ / ‘’right’’ arrows to adjust the speed of the snowboarder and the space bar to adjust the air pressure and jump over the obstacles. If you need the jump to be higher double press the space bar while you are in the air! Be careful for the bombs… they can kill you and you have a limited number of lives. If you want to maximize your scores jump through the hallows and make stunts by jumping over the snowmen. If this sounds good for you just press the ‘’START’’ button and let the adventure begin! New Grounds jet skiing game will make you even feel the snow flakes melting on your face…