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Cyclomaniacs 2



Have you seen cycling games that are more complex than a strategy one? Well… it is time to experience what cycling games 2012 have for you! I found one of the most complicated games in terms of its theme and action, so, what do you say you try it? It is called Cyclomaniacs 2 and barely waits for you to start playing!

If you play Bmx Pro cycling games like this you will race from the beginning to the end! In order to reach the end and become the champion you will enter a series of races from which you have to fulfill the tasks to win. if you are good enough you will even gets bonuses!

The keys used in playing are the arrow ones – these keys will help you accelerate, brake and change direction! You will see that even if these cycling games 2012 seam childish at first, they will grow on you and you’ll see how much fun it can be to cycle online!