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Frate Boy Unicycle


This type of online cycling games has funny stories for each levels. At the beginning you will find out that Frate loses a bet on horses and doesn’t have any money left, so he decides to go on the Unicycle contest. But to get to this contest he needs some extra money. Frate borrows the money from mafia and he decides to go to the start line.

You will start this kind of online cycling games by practicing the unicycle driving. Use your mouse pointer to shift your character weight to balance as you move. Now that you are a pro at unicycle use your arrow keys or “a” and ”d” keys to move side to side. Run over cats for an extra boots in speed. Be careful because on the street that you are cycling on there are some obstacles. Try to avoid them because they will make you to lose your balance. In this type of online cycling games the more balanced you are, the faster you will go. There are some other obstacles on the street and those are the ladies who will show you their breasts to intimidate you. Also you will need to pay great attention to the photographers because they are taking some photos and for a few seconds you will be blinded by their blitz. In the right up corner on the main screen your score will be displayed, also the cats that you’ve run over and also the time of each race. On the lower side of the screen you will see the distance that you’ve made with a red line and your opponent’s distance will be there in a green line. Of course who gets first to the finish line will win the race. All these information and scores will be displayed when each round ends. Try to avoid to lose the race because if you do that the mafia will find you and they will beat you up.

This free cycling game can be your solution when you are bored and you want an interesting and fun occupation. Frate Boy Unicicle is the most charming and free online cycling game on the internet.