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Unicycle Challenge


It is time to introduce to you the most challenging downhill cycling game ever! Prepare yourself for Unicile Challenge! This free online cycling game will make you play until you fall! Have you ever wondered how hard is to ride a one wheel bicycle? You now have the opportunity to experience a ride that you will never forget! Play Unicile Challenge and see how long you can stand without falling.

Unicile Challenge is the type of downhill cycling game where you need to keep your balance on a one wheel bike and at the same time juggle in order to dodge the upcoming balls. The aim of Unicile Challenge is to stay on the bike as long as you can without tilting over and falling. In order to keep your balance you have to move the mouse back and forth on the wheel. Be careful not to make sudden moves because you will loose your balance and fall. You even have to perform some stunts in order to avoid the balls that will come in your way. You can do that by holding the space bar and then release it to perform a jump; just try and stay as straight as you can before jumping because after you jumped you can no longer control the balance and you could fall when you touch the ground again.

This downhill cycling game is not only a challenge against time, but it is a challenge with yourself. Because at first you will find it very hard too keep yourself steady on the unicycle and you won’t make it past a quick-shotle of seconds until you fall, you will want to try again and again to see how much you can ride it. In no time you will start doing better and better. So, tell me now, isn’t this the most challenging downhill cycling game ever? I believe so… as Unicile Challenge is one of the most addictive game that you have ever played. I bet once you tried it you will recommend it to your friends and start competing who can drive the unicycle for a longer period of time.