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Stunt Mania


Are you ready for more stunts? We introduce to you the game that concentrates on you making as many stunts as you can in order to make the maximum of points and unlock new and interesting levels. If you like playing free online cycling games Stunts Mania is the perfect game for you! Stunt Mania is an interesting game where you have to perform as many stunts as you can in a given time. It is free online cycling game that you will find full of opportunities to perform more and ingenious stunts. Uphill Rush 2 is a game that will also amuse you and challenge at you the same time.

Stunt Mania is a very complex free online cycling game because you are always in the look of new adventures. You can unlock various challenges and discover more ways to pump adrenaline into your veins. Just press the ‘’START’’ button and let the fun begin! Use the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ arrows to move back and forth and ‘’left’’ / ‘’right’’ ones to lean the bikers body to keep your balance when performing the stunts. Press the space bar when you want to turn back.

If you are a fan of adventure and if you love the feeling the rush of adrenalin gives you when performing new and interesting stunts Stunt Mania is the perfect cycling flash game for you! In order to perform the best stunts and get the maximum points it is very important that you finish the stunt before touching the ground; in order to do this just release the stunt button to finish the start and land successfully.

The aim of Stunt Mania is to perform as many stunts as you can in a given time in order to unlock new levels… just be careful to keep the biker in balance because if you fall you need to start all over again! Isn’t this the most fun free online cycling game that you could ever imagine? Start a round of Stunt Mania and let yourself become a fan of free online cycling games. You will have the best time playing this very challenging and active game of online cycling!