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Billiards Frenzy


If you are looking for nice and simple 6 ball and a cue billiards games free of charge and which you can play online this is the place where you can find a lot of variations of pool games. Billiards Frenzys is such a game! A simple and fun billiards game free of charge that it is played with 6 red balls and a cue ball all prearranged and just ready for you to pocket them.

The rules of Billiards Frenzys are very simple… you have to pocket the red balls in a fewer number of hits as you can. If you pocket a ball and then take several hits without pocketing another, the game is over and you loose. If you pocket the white cue ball you also loose the game! This is a free billiards online that is quite different from the usual pool games with which you are used to play; this is a game that you play on levels. Each level is harder than the previous one… that means you have fewer possibilities to miss a hit. So, you have to think very well before you take a shot. You also have to score points with every ball you pocket! The grater the score the better you played!

Billiards Frenzys is being played only by using the left mouse click. In order to shoot you have to point towards the ball that you need to hit; then, an arrow will appear, arrow that indicates you the direction of the cue and its speed. The longer the arrow the grater the speed of the cue…

This billiards game for free can be very fun and relaxing even though it is different than an actual real game. You will see that even if you are a very big fan of playing classic pool you will highly enjoy this free billiards game. It is a relaxing and quite challenging type of online game… so, have lots of fun trying this new and unusual type of billiards!