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Hit The Loser


If you are a fan of online pool billiards games now is the time to take advantage of this unique opportunity and play Hit the Loser. Hit the Loser is not only just a pool billiards game, it is much more than that… it is a funny pool-like game to play online! You know that when playing online classic rules do not apply every time! This time, we prepared for you Hit the Loser – a nice pool billiards game that can be played both by children and adults!

When you start the game don’t be surprises if you don’t see the classic pool table with all the balls prearranged and only ready for you to take the first shot! You won’t see that! You will see a pool table that has only two balls… a white ball and a brown ball… now you are starting to wonder what kind of pool billiards game is this… ‘’This is not billiards!’’ you may think… but don’t judge this game at first glance! It is a pool billiards game! But the classic rules are modified to make the game something else!

The rules of the game are quite easy, even if the game seams different from the classic pool billiards games that you have played before. You still have to hit the colored ball using the cue white ball! But be very careful… this time things that you have never seen before happen on this pool table. The colored ball will run from you! So, you have to try harder in order to hit it. Did you think it was that simple? You were wrong! This in the most challenging of all pool billiards games that you have the opportunity to play! So, if you like to play billiards games, this one is perfect for you!

In order to Hit the Loser – the only colored ball on the table – you have to drag over the cue ball to set the direction and speed; then you can release and the white ball will speed towards the brown one while this one runs away from it! Isn’t this the most fun that you can have playing a pool billiards game online? If you want a game that is different in every way, but still keeps the main traits of pool billiards games you will surely enjoy Hit the Loser!