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Ski Jumper


Are you ready to perform some jumps? What about some ski jumps? If you are in the mood for something like this you definitely have to try our newest free ski jump games! Ski Jumper is the crème of these games… get to work and become the champion of the triathlon!

Wow… the rules of these ski jump dx games are simple and are being concentrated on what you actually have to do when you perform real ski jumps… and that is managing to jump as far as you can! You can do this by using the space bar to jump and land! When you are in the air you can change the position of your player just by pressing the arrow keys!

Very simple indeed! These free ski jump games are exactly what someone who enjoys this sport is looking for… What do you say we try a quick-shotle of rounds? Do your best to land on your feet and you’ll be all right! Enjoy!