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Ski Jump Dx


You won’t believe what I have for you now! Get ready for the ultimate skiing games! And to be in the theme you have to start with ski jump dk games! If you are looking to play the ultimate ski jump game than this is your lucky day because this is the latest and most challenging of them all! 

Simple and extremely fun Ski Jump Dx is easy to play and you won’t believe how much fun a rather simple game like this can be… so… let’s recapitulate the rules! You will have to jump from a very high ramp and maintain your equilibrium while you are in the air. You can do this by pressing the ‘’up’’ arrow when the power bar from the top of the window indicated what you are looking for and once again when you reach the end of the ramp. 

This way your skier will ‘’grow’’ wings and start the jump. After you have done this you can control the position of your player with the help of ‘’right’’ and ‘’left’’ arrows. Are you ready? Are you prepared for another adventure on the snow? Play ski jump dx games and you will be satisfied!