Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Ultimate Ski Jump


Well… what can I say about the game you are about to play in a quick-shotle of seconds… Hmmm… you will have to see for yourself. All that I can say about it is that if you are looking to play the ultimate ski jump games online all for free you are then in the right place!

Although these free ski jump games look simple at the first glance you will see in the first seconds that they are rather challenging. See… not everything is all about the perfect graphic… sometimes a simple and action may bring you what you are looking for! So, you won’t have to do muck in order to jump… only press the space bar when you are ready to launch and again when you reach the end of the ramp!

The whole point is to land on your feet! Also, when you play the ultimate ski jump games here you have to reach a certain score to call yourself a winner. This time it’s 100 and you will be given 3 jumping chances! Take advantage of them!