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Puppy Curling 6


Are you ready for a funny free curling game? Are you ready to slide some funny puppies down the kitchen floor? We introduce to you the new Puppy Curling 6! Puppy Curling 6 is an extremely fun game that you can play alone or against a friend; it can also be played by everybody. If you are a fan of free curling games I believe that you now found your next favorite pass time game. Also Puppy Curling is a game for those who love animals and find them funny, as you will surely find these small dogs hilarious!

The rules of Puppy Curling 6 are simple and very similar to the rules used when playing real life curling games. The aim of this free curling game is to slide the puppies as close to the target as you can in order to win. You will play 3 rounds; and in each round you will have to slide the puppy 4 times… Remember that the initial stopping place of the doggy is not final; your opponent can hit it and move it! So, don’t get excited if you see your puppy in the centre! Puppy Curling 6 is a free curling game that can be played either against the computer or against another player. So, when you think about it… what else can you ask from free online curling games?

The rules of the game are simple. You need to slide the puppy as close to the center of the target in order to win the round. You can do this by using the left mouse click to se the direction of the puppy and then the velocity of the throw. All of these just with a click each! Isn’t this easy? This free curling game has everything that you need… it is fun, challenging like every other competition, colorful and it will make you crack a smile each time you slide those doggies on the slippery kitchen floor! So, get ready and make yourself comfortable as once you start playing Puppy Curling 6 free curling game you won’t stop easy.