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Monkey Curling


Are you ready for a funny curling game online? Do you find it interesting to play a round of sliding monkeys? This new curling game online is being called Monkey Curling! This is because playing it you will have a little bit of fun curling some monkeys. Monkey Curling is a fun game that can be played by people of all ages and social statuses. So, if you are a fan of nice, funny games where you also have a bit of action and challenge you have to try playing some curling games online.

At first glance Monkey Curling seams a quite complicated game, but as you actually start playing it you realize that it is a fun game that can relax you very easy. Besides this, this online curling game is quite addictive! You will see… Before starting playing Monkey Curling you have to select and buy three monkeys that you will then curl. The whole object of this curling game online is to slide your monkey as close to the target to earn points, and money to be able to buy your own monkey for the next round!

When choosing the monkeys in Monkey Curling be careful because you only have 500 $ to spend and you need to choose the best monkeys. The expensive the monkey the more cash it will bring you! Choose wisely! When you start the game you will see that a big gorilla is the one to curl your monkey… just pass the mouse over it, click and release for the gorilla to push your monkey. While your little monkey is slowly sliding click whenever you see it slowing down to give it a little push! This online curling game is quite complex… every character there has an important role in the game and it contributes to your winning of loosing. You will see an orangutan following your slide… don’t forget it can help you! Just click on it to attract or repel your monkey when it comes closer. Because bumping into walls slows it down… so, lets’ curl those monkeys down the ice!