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Park My Big Rig 2


Lorry parking games started to become more and more popular among fans of driving games and this is quite a good thing because big cars driving games are a bit harder, just like in reality, when you drive a small car is easier than driving a long, big truck. But lorries are even more difficult to drive and even park.

When you play these lorry parking games you won’t be surprised to see that you have to use all the same keys as when playing any bus parking games – meaning the arrow keys… so, I say you should practice for a bit even if you are used to the controls, only to better get used to the dimension of the car.

Your objective when playing these lorry parking games is to park the vehicle in the marked spot as quick as possible without hitting other cars that are already parked. This way you have to pass all the levels and, as a reward, you will receive a bonus life and a bonus level which you can enjoy as a winner!