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Bus Madness


There area a lot of good drivers out there, if you whan't to see if you are one of them you should play this bus driving game online and see if you got what it takes. This type of races are some of the hardest do to the big size of the bus, making very hard to control it.

If you are looking to play a racing game at high speed this is not it, his game is not going to make you fly over the track, you will have to learn how to control a huge bus. The tracks are well defined in a town so you will have a lot of intersection with 90 degrees corners, once you master them you will be able to win races at this bus racing game online.

Even if the bus is 3 times bigger than what you are used to, the controls are the same, just as easy as an ordinary racing game, you will need to use the arrow keys to mimic the wheel and the pedals. You just can't get more fun out of a game as simple as this.