Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Car Park Challenge


Just imagine yourself arriving at the mall and, as you may know, there are few chances to find a free parking place… So… you have to drive around looking for a nice free space where you can park your car. This is what you have to do when you play parking games like Car Park Challenge. 

When you start these games you will see your car in the parking lot, ready for you to start the hunt for a free space. When you play parking games you have to drive around and when you see a free space get ready to park your car! Be careful not to hit other cars and the walls because you will damage your car, and no one wants that… 

With the help of the arrow keys from your keyboard you can easily drive around and also using those keys make the right moves to park the car. These cannot be considered parking games for kids because only those of you who have a driver’s license know how hard is to find a free spot in a busy parking lot. So, put yourself to work and play parking games now!