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About Weightlifting games

Do you feel like testing your body and mind powers? Get ready to prove the whole world how strong you are by playing for hours our new collection of weightlifting games online available for you now at any time. Each level of the game will be a new challenge for your powers. hake the gold medal home and if you already have it, then play to keep it as there are many weightlifter players willing to take the title of weightlifting master.

Choose a character who lifts weights and surprise everybody with your powers. Be ready for such a game as the barbell will constantly increase by 50pounds.Does it seem a lot for you? Check that out. Go see how much you can lift. With a simple click on the start you can fully enjoy the excitement of a great weightlifting competition. Do not forget that in such competitions the posture and clean movements of the body are also taken into consideration. These will bring you even more points. Score the maximum and become a weight lift champion online.

There are more good news that we have for you. One of them is that with these weightlifting games online you are allowed to lift the weight with any part of your body as long as you are within the rules of the game. This can be very funny and gives you the opportunity to be a peculiar weightlifter.

There are more types of weightlifting competitions that are ready to become a challenge for your powers. Are you ready for them? See if you have the strength to win as many points as possible in order to step to a higher level of the game and to qualify for a professional competition with world’s most famous champions. Choose to play for hours our new online weightlifting games and you can have the time of your life.