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About Skating games

If you love skating and you have been long waiting to play skating games online, we have great news for you. Our new collection of skating games will offer you the chance to take part in outdoor and indoor tracks, as well as on frozen water such as a lake or a river. Try our new collection of skating games for a more realistic skating adventure full of challenges at each level.

There is no way you can be injured and these skating games save you from the trouble of purchasing special equipment. With a simple click on start you can skate in places where you could have never skated in real life. You can even take part in a skating competition where you will skate against the clock or against other skaters. Speed skating games offer you the chance to race against other competitors. Whether it is a long track speed skating or a short track speed skating you will have to finish the course in the shortest time possible. Be careful not to fall otherwise you will leave the competition. With this kind of games you will be able to test your technical skater skills. Show everybody what you can do on ice and score the maximum of points.

Master all the levels of the game by permanently performing tricks and spectacular grinds, avoid dangerous obstacles that may come up at any time. But don’t forget that clock is ticking and you have to finish the race in the shortest time possible.

Score as many points as you can a each level of the game as these skating games have plenty of surprises for you. Take part in the Olympic Games in order to perform figure skating that no one did before. It is fun and challenging at the same time.

Or you can pick up your own skating character that performs the best tricks on ice and participates in the most prestigious skating competitions. Make him a champion. How about choosing a funny skating character such a penguin, as you know very well, that they love ice.

Choose a partner and you can take part in an artistic skating competition. Choose to play our new collection of online skating games and you will experience the most amazing moments with such games whether it is speed, artistic or figure skating.