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About Running games

It has never been easier and more funny to take part in a running competition than it is now. Choose to play our collection of running games online as the variety is now huge. Try sprinter running games where you are given the chance to run a 100 meters sprint. You will always run against competitors. Run as fast as you can to beat them and reach the highest levels in running games. Now it is high time you sprinted to the victory.

Your aim is to run as fast as you can. Run against the clock and the other competitors to get as fast as you can.

If you choose an obstacle race, be careful as in such a running game you won’t only fight against the time. You will have to avoid the unexpected obstacles that may come up at any moment and run as fast as you can. At this level of the game you can get the highest score.

Win as many points as you can and take part in the Olympic Running games. Run holding a torch and be careful as the wind may take the flame off. And you will finish this competition victoriously if the flame is up until the end.

These running games online have prepared plenty of situations in which running and avoiding the obstacles can take you to higher levels of the game. Be prepared for more challenges.

Take a character and see what he is running for. A little boy needs to catch the bus in order to get to school in time otherwise he will be harshly punished by the teachers. Help him get there in the shortest time possible, as the way to school is full of unpredicted obstacles and challenges. Help him run as fast as he can avoiding other people, buses or cars. Don’t forget that the shortest way you choose , the more dangerous it is. But your score will also get higher. Or you can choose to be a running carrot that needs to run as fast as it can in order not to get cut by the chef. That can be very funny.

With our new collection of running games you can be any character you want. Pick one and we can assure you that there will be plenty of challenges for you in such running games online.