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About Rugby games

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a rugby star? We have great news for you and a brand new collection of rugby games online. These rugby games focus on kicking, including goal kicking and drop goals.

Go test your boot skills, create a strategic line for the game and go for it. It is challenging and addictive. But you will have no regrets in playing these fantastic rugby games.

With a simple click on the start you will hear the crowd roaring and the signal that the ball is coming to you at every crucial moment of the game. The game is exciting at any moment and challenges are waiting for you with each stage.

Make sure that you are all the time in the position to catch the ball, become an expert by predicting the direction of the ball and never forget about the wind.

The aim of the game is to score as much points  as you can by kicking the ball over the bar and between the posts. It is easy and fun at the same time. Gather the maximum of  points by catching the ball and running as far as possible into the enemy’s field. If you are to be tackled quickly pass the ball to your fellow players. Never forget that this is a team game but you can be the star at any moment.

Get ready for the most exciting and challenging experience in a team game in which you can be the star you have always wanted to be. A simple mouse and a keyboard can take you there and will help you take full control of the game.

You can even participate in the rugby Cup so you can kick across Europe and for your country.Get ready to play a large rang of free rugby games online.