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Horse Riding games

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About Horse Riding games

Do I sense a horse racing fan or maybe a truly skillful equestrian or just a huge horse lover? Then I have great news for you: you don't have to own your own ranch or to go to the horse racing track in in order to test your horse riding skills, for there are hundreds of online horse riding games for you to enjoy now. Whether if you have a thing for speedy horse racings or you're more fascinated with stunning, skillful horse jumping, there sure is a type horse riding games online that suits your preferences!

Ready to saddle up your virtual horses and guide them to victory? Then you're definitely ready to try some of the best horse jumping games that you can find on the internet! Using your arrow keys or other indicated keys on your keyboard, allying with your computer mouse buttons, you can control your horse, make it touch incredible speeds and perform some breathtaking humps over various obstacles. Some of the horse riding games online offer you three lives/chances that you can use if your horse bumps into a fence or something of that sort. Once you've used your third life and you've galloped your horse right into the fence for the fourth time, you will have to restart the level.

Speaking of chances, some of the online horse games also give you the chance to pick the horse you'll send on the horse racing track, to train it, too, so that you can guarantee it, form the very start, the golden medal at the end of the competition.

If you're rather drawn to speed, then horse racing games are just perfect for you! Just like in car racing or boat racing games, you need to prove your skills and improve your reaction times when it comes to quickly clicking the right arrow keys on your keyboard! Thus, you'll stir your horsy and make him accelerate down the track, leaving all the other horse competitors way behind him, and turning left or right, depending on the track’s curves. Your horse racing skills get more challenged when you're playing horse riding games which feature all sorts of obstacles laid along the track, which you need to avoid lest you want to see your horse stumble and loose precious seconds of time.

Plenty of champion horses are looking forward to be saddled up and participate in competitions that will bring them fame and lots of golden medals. Pick your favorite ones, from those staring in the best horse riding games online and work your skills to make them shine on the horse racing tracks. Don't worry about filtering the best online horse riding games out of all those free horse games available online. Our team has already taken care of that, just relax and get ready for your first major horse racing/jumping challenges!