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Zombie Surf


In these world surfing games you will learn how to surf correctly and how to do some tricks with your surf board. Use your keyboard to move your surfer over the waves and avoid the big wave get you injured. You will start these world surfing games with 3 lives. For each wrong landing on the wave after you have made a trick you will lose a life. Also if you hit the land you will lose a life.

Start the game by choosing your character. You can choose between Luck the Dead Man and Shawnee Rielly. Both of them are great surfers. Use your arrow key to control your player and also press these arrow keys to jump over the waves doing some tricks. You will have a limited time to do all your tricks. That time is 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Manage to do your tricks before the time expires to gain as many points as possible. Also if you lose all your three lives before the time expires the game is over. When the game ends you can see your final score, and all your tricks that you have performed during the game. You can choose to submit that score if you think is higher enough to our worldwide list of surfers.

These world surfing games can be played also in a multiplayer mode against your friends. This way you can see which of you is a better surfer. You will have to gain more points than your friends to beat them him. Also if your friend loses all his lives and you are still on the surf board you will win the game, even if you don’t have more points than him. You will find this game mode challenging and entertaining.

Zombie Surf is a type of the free surfing games that exist on our site. These world surfing games can help you to understand how to stay on a surf board, and how to surf correctly. Maybe someday you can surf in real life against your friends.