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Weightlifting Game


If you want to play weightlifting games online there are basically two options: either you play some realistic looking games or some weird ones like this one. The game is cute and simple: you only need to click the left mouse button as quickly as possible on the indicated area and your weightlifter will do his best to lift the weights over his head. Just like in other weightlifting games online you can adjust the weight that you want to try and lift.

The crowd in the background is constantly cheering for you but even though a simple succession of mouse clicks might sound easy enough you'll notice it's not. You need quite a bit of patience and finger coordination to be able to lift even the 100 kg weights. Obviously, mouse clicks versus years and years of training in the gym don't compare but hey, that's the fun of weightlifting games online – you can be the strongest man in the neighbourhood without breaking a sweat.

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