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Wedu Toboggan Jump


Are you ready for some adventure in a snowy background? We have for you the only alpine skiing game that has everything. If is fun, challenging and makes you feel like you are in a winter holyday with all your friends; having fun and now worrying about the everyday life. This amazing game is called Wedu Toboggan Jump and if you try it you will be convinced that it is the best alpine skiing game ever!

Wedu Toboggan Jump is a simple game with funny characters and most important an extremely funny commentator. This alpine skiing game has the structure of a tournament with all the rounds and the comments like in a real competition. You have to qualify your team in order to pass to the next level/round. The aim of Wedu Toboggan Jump alpine skiing game is to make your sled fly safely through the ring. And the most important you have to land your people safe and sound…

When playing Wedu Toboggan Jump you are the one who pushes the sled towards the toboggan. So, you need to calculate how much power you have to exercise upon the sled. In order to get a good push you have to press the go button from the top of the page, and keep it pressed until the power bar near it reaches the level you desire… then, you let go to obtain the perfect jump. Be careful, because every round is harder that the previous one, take care of your people, if they get hurt you will loose the competition! Wedu Toboggan Jump alpine skiing game gives you the opportunity to try several times a jump, but don’t waste your chances, keep them for much harder rounds! 

Don’t you be scared, Wedu Toboggan Jump is a very pleasant to play alpine skiing game. You won’t get not even for a moment… and if you desire to play more interesting sports games that are also challenging and entertaining you can try one of our free online running games. You have nothing too loose, only some fun to experience!