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Unicycle Balancer


Are you ready for another free cycling flash game that will make you laugh? We present to you a very colorful and entertaining game called Unicicle Balancer! And as I thing you can understand from its name, when playing Unicicle Balancer you have to be prepared to ride some one wheeled bikes to win this free cycling flash game.

Unicicle Balancer is a cartoon-like downhill cycling game where you will have to help a doggie riding a unicycle get from one place to another. You will find the whole game very funny especially if you are a fan of cartoons where you can even laugh at the crazy little sounds that it makes! So lets’ prepare ourselves for a hard attempt to cross the dog to the other side!

You will be very surprised to see how simple you can play Unicicle Balancer! If you are a fan of free cycling flash games you know the usually you have to perform tricks and use a lot of buttons to control the bike… well… this time you will have a pleasant surprise! When playing this cycling flash game you only need to use the mouse to help keep the unicycle in balance! But don’t get so excited… Unicicle Balancer is not as easy as it sounds… you will have to practice a little before you will be able to pas to the next level…so, do not let yourself get disappointed and leave the game after some unsuccessful tries because you will be sorry… just try and try and in no time you will see how your skills get improved.

Unicicle Balancer is a skills game; you need to have a very steady hand to be able to maintain the balance of the one wheeled bike. This kind of cycling flash games will make you curious and very enthusiastic about wanting to try the real-life sport. So, if you are looking for challenge and fun at the same time you found the perfect cycling flash game for you…