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The Final Stand


Ready to join the police force? They're looking for new police officers with amazing driving skills, a drop or two of pure madness and a strong determination to clear those streets of all kinds of “bad elements” for the society ! If you think you're the best for this job, jump into your super speedy police supercar, getting the final stand free racing game started, and prov you're worthy to wear that policeman uniform!

Once you get your police car rolling and speeding down the highway hunting down those villains who're trying to escape justice, make sure to look for all those helpful upgrades scattered everywhere along the track. Pick up the heart-shaped ones, for they guarantee you extra health for your car, the arrow-shaped ones for turbo and the shield-shaped ones, too, if you want to make your car indestructible. Also, as you speed down like a daredevil, make sure to bump into the target cars, for they're the ones driven by those dangerous villains that you're after. So, put together your driving skills, enjoying what seems to be one of the most engaging free online racing games, with your guilty weakness for extreme speed, and complete your “good cop” mission, clearing out those streets from all sorts of felons!

If super challenger, fast-paced online free racing games are “your thing” and if you've always had your own “good cop” fantasies, then the final stand driving game definitely suits your like a glove. Enjoy it!