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The Ashes


This game can be played by one or two players. The rules for this kind of cricket games free are very simple. All you have to do is to defend your base and hit as many balls as you can. You will play this kind of cricket games free with your keyboard.

With your arrows you will control the direction you will hit your ball, and also you have two action buttons which are “k” and “l”. The “k” key you will use it for an attacking shot and the “l” button for a normal shot. You will see that on the ground that are 7 arrows. Each arrow is dedicated to a single position. If you press the down arrow, the down arrow on the field will turn into blue. But also you can press simultaneously the down arrow and the left or the right arrow for diagonal balls. That will be the direction for your next shot. After that your opponent will throw the ball. In a few seconds you should see a red target which indicates you were the ball will pass. Try to stay focused because when the circle says “HIT” you need to press normal shot “l” or the attacking shot “k” to hit that ball.

This type of cricket games free can be played by two players at the same time. One player will be the shooter and the other will be the thrower. The thrower will use the direction keys. Those keys are “w” for up, “s” for down, “a” for left and “d” for right. The second player has two ways to throw the ball, with a normal shot using “b” or with the attacking ball using “v”. Use the directional keys to position your marker and then press any of your shooting keys to place it. As the catcher runs in, you have a limited amount of time to adjust the amount of spin applied to the ball, using the directional keys. You also have a fielder on the ground that you can control with your directional keys. He will automatically pick up and throw the ball back, or catch it if the ball is in the air.

So don’t forget to exercise this cricket game free or other cricket games 2010 to enjoy more your day.