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Surf Point Blue


At these free surfing games you will have to use your keyboard to control your surfer to collect as many points as you can to make the highest score that was ever done. Avoid getting out of the wave because you will fall down of your surf board and you will lose a life. You will start these free surfing games with 3 lives. When you lose all your lives the game will end. Also you will have a limited time to gain as many points as you can, and that time is 60 seconds.

Use your arrow keys at these free surfing games to control Terry, your surfer, on that giant wave. You will have to ride the wave and collect as many smiley faces as you can for getting more points. The red smiley has 765 points, the orange smiley has 465 points and the yellow smiley has only 185 points.

There are also on the wave some other things that you can pick to gain some extra points. Those things are some musical notes. The question mark will give you also an ordinary bonus and the blue music key will change the music for your game. Also at these free surfing games you can stop the music of the game by pressing the volume button. That volume button is displayed on the right up corner of your screen.

At the end of the game you can see your score. If this score is higher enough submit it to our worldwide list of surfing games. Also challenge your friends at this game to see which of you is a better surfer. Only by practicing you will be able to make good high score.

Surf Point Blue is one of the funniest type of online surfing games. While playing these free surfing games you will understand the meaning of a real surfer, and also you will learn how to surf correctly. For a better understanding of the rules read the instructions before you start playing these games. Enjoy!